Chris BeerChris Beer

As Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex, Chris works in the Trends team to produce GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series.

Chart of the day

Ad-Blocking and Online News Readers

Continuing our series on ad-blocking, today we put a spotlight on an audience of online news readers, to assess the challenge to news publishers. The news industry’s dependence on advertising in...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 15.02.18
Chart of the day

How Income Impacts Interest in Smart Home Devices

Following on from yesterday’s chart looking at smart home products in the U.S.A., today we put a spotlight on how levels of income influence interest in this new technology. Across all smart hom...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 07.02.18
Chart of the day

Segmenting Console Gamers

Beginning our short series on gaming this week, today we segment console gamers based on their engagement frequencies with their devices. With their high-end PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles on t...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 31.01.18
Chart of the day

Content is Key in the Millennial Purchase Journey

Following on from yesterday’s look at how Millennials engage with entertainment, today’s chart examines how entertainment influences their purchase journey. Overall, search engines and TV ads re...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 26.01.18
Chris BeerChris Beer / 23.01.18
Chart of the day

Affluent Consumers’ Social Media Habits

Continuing our series of charts on Affluent Consumers, today we look at the potential of social media as a brand touchpoint. Social is pivotal to Affluent Consumers’ online lives. 99% are social...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 18.01.18
Chart of the day

How Radio Competes Against Music Streaming

With music streaming services increasingly diversifying their output into a mix of music and spoken word content, today’s chart looks at how radio engagement fares in the face of this new competiti...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 16.01.18
Chart of the day

PSD2: Online Bankers in EU Worried About Personal Data

Continuing our series of charts on PSD2, the EU’s new Payment Services Directive, today we look at how internet users in the EU who use online banking currently feel about sharing their data with c...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 09.01.18
Chart of the day

Top Purchase Drivers for Online Grocery Shoppers

Completing our series examining the audience of Online Grocery Shoppers, today we look at what motivates them to complete a purchase online. While our purchase drivers question asks about all pu...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 04.01.18