Chris BeerChris Beer

As Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex, Chris works in the Trends team to produce GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series.

Chart of the day

Top Purchase Drivers for Online Grocery Shoppers

Completing our series examining the audience of Online Grocery Shoppers, today we look at what motivates them to complete a purchase online. While our purchase drivers question asks about all pu...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 04.01.18
Chart of the day

Where Ad-Blocker Users Find their News

In today’s chart, we look at how ad-blocker users say they are finding news online. With almost half of these individuals saying they consume stories/videos on news websites (where they may not be ...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 22.12.17
Chart of the day

Multi-Device Watching Among TV Viewers

In recent years, the TV broadcast landscape has changed considerably due to the emergence of new devices like streaming sticks, the evolution of games consoles into media hubs, and the increasing p...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 13.12.17
Chart of the day

Half of Internet Users Putting Videos Online

You don’t have to look much further than the ubiquitous selfie to see how important photo-uploading has become to digital consumers. Today’s chart demonstrates how video uploading is approaching th...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 07.12.17
Chart of the day

Trends 18: Do Smart Consumers Want Smart Homes?

In early 2018 Apple will launch its HomePod device, a smart home speaker/assistant to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home. Further competition is expected from Samsung and Sonos, among others. Yet...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 01.12.17
Chart of the day

Millennial Daily Music Streaming Habits

As part of this week’s series looking at our research on music streaming, today’s chart examines how much time Millennials in different regions are devoting to this activity per day. Regional di...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 22.11.17
Chart of the day

Millennial Brand Recommendations: WOM vs. Social

Today’s chart examines how much recommendations from social media have come to challenge the traditional power of word-of-mouth among Millennials. Crucially, in MEA and LatAm recommendations on ...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 13.11.17
Chart of the day

More Online Activities Performed on Mobiles than PCs

Concluding our series marking the release of our latest Device Flagship Report (get a free copy here), our Chart today quantifies exactly how many online activities are being carried out on PCs/lap...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 09.11.17
Chart of the day

Mobile-Only Users Less Likely to Multi-Network

For the final chart in our series on multi-networking, we look at this trend among an increasingly important online audience: mobile-only internet users. The multi-networking trend has reached a...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 02.11.17