Felim McGrathFelim McGrath

Felim is Senior Trends Manager at GlobalWebIndex. He oversees the Trends team who produce a wide range of off-the-shelf reports and infographics along with our Chart of the Day series. Moving to GWI after completing a PhD, Felim specializes in writing about online consumer behaviors and digital trends.

Chart of the day

Ad-Blocking Millennials Happy to Pay for Content

As we have seen throughout our chart series on ad-blocking this week, ad-blocker usage is primarily driven by frustration with mistargeted and excessive online ads. Although digital marketers ma...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 16.02.18
Chart of the day

Trends 18: Digital Lessons from Africa

More than in any other world region, mobiles have played a central role in the development of internet behaviors in Africa. This is borne out in the habits of its digital consumers; many online beh...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 30.11.17
Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 23.11.17
Chart of the day

1 in 3 Gen Z in North America Using Voice Command on Mobile

In recent weeks we’ve had Apple revealing details of its upcoming smart home speaker as well as reports that Amazon is set to extend its AI-powered device range to smart sunglasses. However, as tod...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 22.09.17
Chart of the day

The Demographics of Uber’s US Users

Uber has faced tough competition around the world from companies like Ola in India and Grab in South East Asia. And it hasn’t been smooth-sailing in its home country either, with the battle between...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 16.08.17
Chart of the day

27% of Digital Consumers in MEA are Mobile-Only

As our new Middle East & Africa Region Report demonstrates, the digital lives of internet users in this region revolve around smartphones. This is particularly apparent when we see that 3 in 10...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 04.08.17
Chart of the day

Social Most Important Product Research Channel in Kenya

For our final Chart of the Day this week, we finish our short series exploring digital activities in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria by examining the online purchase journey of digital consumers ...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 28.07.17
Chart of the day

Facebook Dominates Social Media Across Africa

Continuing our series exploring the insights of our new Market Reports on Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria, today we look at the social media activities of digital consumers in these markets and, ...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 27.07.17
Chart of the day

40% of Digital Consumers in Nigeria are Mobile-Only

As we saw on Monday, PCs and laptops are much less important to digital consumers in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria. Today we continue our investigation into the importance of mobiles to interne...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 26.07.17