Felim McGrathFelim McGrath

Felim is Senior Trends Manager at GlobalWebIndex. He oversees the Trends team who produce a wide range of off-the-shelf reports and infographics along with our Chart of the Day series. Moving to GWI after completing a PhD, Felim specializes in writing about online consumer behaviors and digital trends.

Chart of the day

60% in Ghana Plan to Buy a Mobile Within a Year

Emerging African markets have become a key target for many industries within the digital realm, and as today's chart demonstrates, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria present a significant opportunit...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 25.07.17
Chart of the day

Only 26% of Internet Users in Morocco own a PC/Laptop

Today we begin a short series of charts examining digital consumers within four countries that have been added to our Core research program – Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria. We begin by delving ...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 24.07.17
Chart of the day

37% of Premier League Fans Watch Soccer Coverage Online

With speculation increasing that the Premier League will begin offering fans a direct service to live-stream EPL matches, our first Chart this week looks at the enthusiasm for online sports viewing...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 17.07.17
Chart of the day

Mobile Strengthens Lead as Top Second-Screen Device in Philippines

To finish our series previewing our new Market Reports, today’s chart looks at the rise of mobiles as a second-screen device in the Philippines. While laptops were once the most popular device f...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 14.07.17
Chart of the day

Why Social is So Important for the Wimbledon Brand

With the Wimbledon Championships in full swing, our first Chart of the Day this week explores why social media, particularly social shares and comments, can be so crucial to spreading the message o...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 10.07.17
Chart of the day

In UK, 35-44s Most Interested in Smart Home Utility Products

Continuing our special preview of a new GWI Core question on smart devices (to be released later this year), our final Chart of the Day this week examines how interest in these new products differs...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 07.07.17
Chart of the day

Utility Products are Most Desired ‘Smart’ Devices in UK

In a special preview of a new question that will be introduced into GWI Core later this year, today we take a look at UK digital consumers’ attitudes towards a range of new smart devices that have ...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 06.07.17
Chart of the day

1 in 2 Regular Exercisers Streaming Music on Mobile

Back in 2015, the announcement of “Spotify Running” was the first of its kind to match music choices to user tempo. This fitness focus, alongside integrations into apps like Nike and RunKeeper, mak...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 04.07.17
Chart of the day

6 in 10 Smartphone Owners Plan to Upgrade within a Year

While long upgrade cycles have impacted the sales of tablets and laptops recently, our first Chart this week shows the significant number of smartphone owners who are intending to upgrade their han...

Felim McGrathFelim McGrath / 03.07.17