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Jason is GlobalWebIndex’s Chief Research Officer. He oversees GWI’s research and insight teams, directing its global research study across 40 markets and authoring the company’s flagship reports on social networking, media consumption and market-level trends. He also blogs for titles like the Huffington Post and MediaPost and is a frequent contributor to stories on media outlets such as BBC News, CNN, the Guardian, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

Jason ManderJason Mander / 26.09.17
Chart of the day

Millennials in North America Lead for Banking App Usage

With time spent on smartphones continuing to increase, many of the online activities tracked by GWI have become mobile-first – with digital consumers more likely to undertake them on a mobile than ...

Jason ManderJason Mander / 24.08.17

How to Use Qualitative and Quantitative Research to Your Advantage

Qualitative and quantitative are widely used research methods that act as powerful sources of insight for marketers. Generally speaking, qualitative research explores what people think, feel and do...

Jason ManderJason Mander / 14.07.17
Jason ManderJason Mander / 27.06.17
Chart of the day

Daily time spent on social networks rises to over 2 hours

As our latest social media statistics outline, we have been tracking the daily time spent on various forms of media since 2012. The average internet user is now on social media and messaging se...

Jason ManderJason Mander / 16.05.17
Jason ManderJason Mander / 14.02.17
Chart of the day

Trends 17: Mobile-First Landscape

As we explore in our Trends 2017 report, available for free here, we’ll soon be in the position where more than 50% of online adults say that mobiles are their most important connected device. Even...

Jason ManderJason Mander / 13.12.16
Chart of the day

60% of Indonesia’s Mobile-Only Users aged 16-24

Throughout this week, our Charts of the Day have been drawing on data from our Mobile Pilot – conducted among 85,000 internet users aged 16-64 – to look at some of the characteristics of Mobile-Onl...

Jason ManderJason Mander / 09.12.16
Chart of the day

28% of Mobile-Only Users are in Rural Areas

In advance of GlobalWebIndex launching mobile surveys across 40 countries from Q1 2017 onwards, this week’s Charts of the Day have been previewing data from our recent Mobile Pilot, conducted among...

Jason ManderJason Mander / 08.12.16