Katie YoungKatie Young

Katie is a Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Working as part of the Trends team, she produces GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series. Katie writes on GWI’s blog about the latest digital trends and online consumer behaviors, with a particular interest in social media and marketing.

Chart of the day

APAC Millennials Lead for Sharing Branded Social Content

After yesterday’s focus on why Gen Z use social media, today we continue our series on generations to look at Millennials and their willingness to share branded content on social. Our chart high...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 20.02.18
Chart of the day

The Spread of Mobile Ad-Blocking in Mature Markets

Today, this week's chart series continues by exploring mobile ad-blocking. With a range of ad-blocking tools now available across different OS and browsers, mobile ad-blockers have become a key ass...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 13.02.18
Chart of the day

The Winter Olympics and the Second Screen

With the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics kicking off today, we look at the opportunities for sponsors on the second-screen. Over 90% of Winter Olympics Fans say they use another device ...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 09.02.18
Katie YoungKatie Young / 30.01.18
Chart of the day

Why Social Campaigns are Important for the Super Bowl

Alongside the game, the Super Bowl commercials have become a cultural phenomenon, allowing brands to create buzz and conversation around the world. TV is undoubtedly still one of the most efficient...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 29.01.18
Katie YoungKatie Young / 25.01.18
Chart of the day

The Potential for Chatbots among L’Oréal Customers

From Estée Lauder’s ‘Foundation Finder’ bot to Sephora’s Reservation Assistant, beauty is one industry that is investing big in chatbot technology. Now that L’Oréal has begun rolling out beauty ser...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 24.01.18
Chart of the day

The Importance of Mobile Commerce for Affluent Consumers

Capping off our series of insights on Affluent Consumers, today we delve into this audience’s online purchasing habits – in particular, the role of mobiles. More Affluent Consumers have purchase...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 19.01.18
Chart of the day

PSD2: The Ubiquity of Online Banking in the EU

At the end of this week, PSD2 (the second Payment Services Directive) will be officially integrated into European law, opening the banking market to new innovations and allowing consumers to use th...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 08.01.18