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Lorna Keane is Senior Content Marketing Manager at GlobalWebIndex. She's passionate about content that brings real value to consumers, with the help of powerful insights.


10 Brilliant Examples of Personalized Marketing and Why They Worked

Figures from Salesforce reveal high performing businesses use data-targeting and segmentation 51% more than underperforming businesses. It stands to reason. Today’s consumers expect personalizat...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 13.02.18

Campaign of the Month: Ad Council – Seize the Awkward

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young adults in the U.S., yet it’s a subject many brands shy away from. The Ad Council isn’t one of them. Their latest campaign aims to remove ...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 01.02.18

10 Ad Campaigns Inspired By Powerful Consumer Insights

A successful marketing campaign moves and inspires, resonating deeply with a brand’s target audience. But having the power to reach out and touch consumers in this way relies on inspiring consumer ...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 18.01.18

How to Optimize Your Channel Planning in Four Easy Steps

A seamless cross-channel experience is something today’s consumers increasingly expect, with 27% of online shoppers saying they want a brand to provide services and products that help to simplify d...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 16.01.18

Campaign of the Month: 2018 Goals – Spotify

Last year, Spotify launched its largest ever global campaign, based solely around its customer data. Creatively tapping into listener habits, the brand turned these insights into humorous, relevant...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 22.12.17

Programmatic Ad Buying: 5 Examples of Brands Getting it Right

Today’s consumers can fast-forward, block or avoid ads completely, making it harder for brands to reach their intended audiences. Our latest research shows it’s 36% who are now blocking ads each mo...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 22.11.17

Five Holiday Marketing Campaigns that Hit the Mark

Public holidays like Christmas, Black Friday and the first day of summer present some of the most lucrative opportunities for brands, but they can also be stressful times for consumers. Making assu...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 16.11.17

A Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising that Works

Spend on programmatic advertising has been predicted to increase by 128% in the UK alone between 2015 and 2019. Its rise is partly fuelled by the increasing availability of deep consumer data, givi...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 07.11.17

Campaign of the Month: ‘Let’s Be Real’ – Hinge

Hinge is the dating app that’s challenging how we see online dating. First launched in 2013 pitting itself against rivals like Tinder by only matching friends of friends to increase the likelih...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 26.10.17