Lorna KeaneLorna Keane

Lorna Keane is Senior Content Marketing Manager at GlobalWebIndex. She's passionate about content that brings real value to consumers, with the help of powerful insights.


Why Brands Need to Understand the Consumer Buying Process

“If marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions.” So said McKinsey & Co. in their 2009 report, The Consumer Decision Journey. The repo...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 11.10.17

5 Mental Health Campaigns that Made a Difference

Mental health is a global issue and brands are getting more creative about increasing awareness around this important area of healthcare. Much of this is down to intelligent use of data, enabling m...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 09.10.17

The Social Media Metrics You Should Measure & Why

As our latest social report shows, 94% of digital consumers aged 16-64 now have an account on at least one social platform, while 98% have visited/used one within the last month. As social media...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 03.10.17

Campaign of the Month: The Choices We Make – Nespresso

For the very first time, Nespresso is speaking out about its sustainability efforts on a global scale. Bringing forth the real-life stories of the farmers behind the coffee, the brand has chosen to...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 27.09.17

How to Use Target Market Segmentation to Your Advantage

Brand loyalty matters to today’s consumers, but many are still failing to tap into what drives this level of commitment. The answer lies in target market segmentation; dividing your audience into m...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 11.09.17

How to Boost your Marketing Campaigns with Customer Insight

Uncovering a telling truth about your target customer can spawn a powerful marketing campaign that strikes a chord. It’s called customer insight - tapping into the raw emotions that drive people to...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 06.09.17

Campaign of the Month: Keep Going #LikeAGirl – Always

The award-winning #LikeAGirl campaign is a regular feature in our top examples of marketing that works. Originally launched in 2013, the video achieved more than 90m global views across 150+ countr...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 29.08.17

How to Get the Most Out of Business to Business Marketing

Marketing isn’t about products, it's about the people who use them. Understanding these people, from the language they use to the interests and values they hold, will ensure your marketing has impa...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 17.08.17

How to Take Social Media Monitoring to the Next Level

Every business needs to know why people are talking about their brand. Social media monitoring means using social platforms to listen to conversations about your brand, product, services, competito...

Lorna KeaneLorna Keane / 14.08.17