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Twitter users on holiday – Our most recent study in collaboration with Twitter UK

This summer we carried out a study commissioned by Twitter Ads UK, to find out about Britons’ Twitter habits on while holiday. For the purpose of this study, we interviewed over 550 UK active Twitt...

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 22.08.13
Chart of the day

Top global smartphone apps, who’s in the top 10

We’ve identified the apps that are actually used by the 969.49m strong global smartphone population. (more…)

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 02.08.13
Chart of the day

Mobile: More Email – Marginally Less SMS

At GlobalWebIndex we don’t just track online behaviours but also activities that might previously be considered offline. (more…)

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 26.07.13
Chart of the day

Q2 2013 – New Data Release

The Q2 2013 research wave was released this week to all clients and in addition to the sample increases in the US and UK, brings with it many new and exciting question additions: (more…)

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 19.07.13
Chart of the day

PRO Platform Update: Faster, Improved Navigation and a new Workflow

We are scheduled to release an updated version of the PRO Platform which will have a number of benefits for users. (more…)

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 19.07.13
Chart of the day

Tablets grow 282% in two years, but who are these new owners?

The global tablet user base has grown 282% since Q1 2011. With a number that high, it is no surprise that tablet users now drive online content consumption. It is simply not enough to know that the...

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 16.07.13
Chart of the day

Infographic: Multi-Platform Internet Behaviours. Tablets now driving online content consumption

Today we are releasing a brand new infographic that explores the reality of how 36 key Internet behaviours play out across multiple devices. The data displayed looks at active usage in the past mon...

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 10.07.13
Chart of the day

Infographic: Brand Engagement on Social Skyrockets

We all know that more and more people are using social media, but a key question is how well are brands able to capture their attention on these socially oriented platforms? GlobalWebIndex’s Stream...

Marcello MariMarcello Mari / 04.07.13