Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine

Olivia is a Junior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Moving to GWI after completing a degree in Psychology, Olivia works in the Trends team to produce GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series.

Chart of the day

Generational Device Preferences for Online Activities

The migration of online activities from PCs and laptops to mobiles is a much-discussed trend but GlobalWebIndex data offers quantifiable insight into how the importance of mobile in online activiti...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 23.02.18
Chart of the day

Brand Consideration and Loyalty among Samsung Owners

As Samsung is set to launch its Galaxy S9 flagship at Mobile World Congress 2018 at the end of the month, today’s chart looks at future mobile brand consideration among Samsung Owners who agree tha...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 22.02.18
Chart of the day

Frustration is the Driving Force Behind Ad-Blocking

Ahead of the launch of Google Chrome’s built-in ad-blocker, this week’s series of charts will focus on ad-blocking, beginning today by exploring the main motivations behind this behavior.  Priva...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 12.02.18
Chart of the day

Potential for News Broadcasts on Smart Speakers

Completing this week’s series exploring how smart home products are performing among internet users in the U.S.A., today we focus specifically on voice-controlled assistants/speakers and their buil...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 08.02.18
Chart of the day

Rise of Smart Entertainment Devices in the U.S.A.

With the biggest technology giants continuing to enter the booming smart home space, the competition to become the default household name is getting fiercer. To begin this week’s series on Smart Ho...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 06.02.18
Chart of the day

Why Six Nations Broadcasters Should Invest in Online Services

Ahead of the Six Nations Championship beginning this coming weekend, today we explore why it’s worth Six Nations broadcasters investing in streams of the matches and related content online. The ...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 30.01.18
Chart of the day

Mobile is Go-To Device for Millennial Entertainment

To mark the release of our new Millennials infographic, today’s chart explores the important position mobile has secured among this demographic, focusing specifically on the device’s role in entert...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 25.01.18
Chart of the day

The Appeal of McDonald’s to Eco-Conscious Consumers

With McDonald’s having more than 36,000 restaurants globally in over 100 countries, today we explore how its ambition to create fully recyclable packaging by 2025 could help spread its global reach...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 22.01.18
Chart of the day

55-64s Most Likely to be Reading Marketing Emails

Email marketing is arguably one of the most direct ways of reaching out to consumers with more tailored and personalized content. Today’s chart explores where email marketing is the most successful...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 15.01.18