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Sofie Lundberg is Content Marketing Executive at GlobalWebIndex. She loves developing ideas that stem from insights, creating content that helps marketers keep the focus on their audience.


Why Personalization Matters: How to Prove You Know Your Audience

Marketing has long involved using data to get more targeted. But today, brands have access to detailed data that allows for a much more refined and tailored approach. Personalized marketing is r...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 22.02.18

4 Examples of CPG Marketing that Prove the Power of Insight

According to a recent study by Cadent Consulting Group, CPG marketers now spend more on digital than all other forms of traditional advertising combined. Despite this, only 60% of the surveyed reta...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 15.02.18

5 Things Every Brand Should Know about Millennials in 2018

Millennials are a hugely popular but notoriously generalized target audience. For years, marketers have struggled to accurately define this enormous group of consumers, instead relying on the stere...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 08.02.18

A Beginner’s Guide to Interest-Based Targeting

For many, interest-based targeting is limited to social media advertising, and Facebook in particular. But is there another way to think about how this method can be applied to your wider marke...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 06.02.18

Year in Review: 4 Inspiring Examples of Authentic Marketing from 2017

Authentic brands, in their simplest form, are those that lead with truth and transparency. Removing the ‘brand’ element that sets them apart from the consumer, they work to  replace this with the ‘...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 02.01.18

Year in Review: 4 Lessons on Brand Health from 2017

Tracking brand health is an integral part of business success. Loosely defined as ‘how effective your brand is in helping you achieve your aims’, even consistently successful brands need to ‘check ...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 19.12.17

The Power of Emotive Marketing in Seasonal Campaigns

Emotive marketing is never as apparent as during the holiday season, and for good reason. Studies show that consumers rely heavily on emotions when making brand choices. As Devra Pyrwes, U.S. m...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 12.12.17

4 Ways to Generate Brand Advocates

Thirty-three percent of internet users say they discover brands via word-of-mouth recommendations, and 24% via comments on social networks. In other words, a brand advocate strategy should be a ...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 07.12.17

Campaign of the Month: #OptOutside – REI

American outdoor retailer, REI, was founded by 23 mountain climbing friends in 1938. Now the largest consumer cooperative in the U.S., it’s a brand whose roots remain firmly planted in the outdoors...

Sofie LundbergSofie Lundberg / 30.11.17