How Brilliant Noise Uses Audience Profiling to Drive Better Planning

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“We use a wide variety of tools, but GlobalWebIndex is absolutely the cornerstone”

Nick Siantonas

Nick Siantonas, Head of Data & Insight, Brilliant Noise

Brilliant Noise is a marketing and communications partner that transforms businesses through data-led strategy, planning and creative. Working with some of the world’s leading brands including adidas, Universal Pictures and Jaguar Land Rover, the agency’s partnership with GlobalWebIndex supports their customer-first approach to planning and strategy, providing clients with relevant, responsive and real-time marketing.

Using Insights to Improve Digital Planning

For every agency, the ability to profile audiences effectively is essential in acquiring valuable insights into their clients’ target markets. But for David Preece and Nick Siantonas, Senior Strategists at Brilliant Noise, audience profiling plays a much more important role across their business.

“Audience profiling data is an integral part of our customer planning work. If we have new or existing personas to create for clients, we need a structure to build real insights behind them”, says David.

“The data also gives us the quantitative proof behind our work, which allows us to make that case for strategic and creative solutions
for clients.”

Backing Creative Ideas with Behavioral Data

The Brilliant Noise team had previously relied on a variety of tools, but found that these lacked the granularity needed for robust audience profiling.

As Nick explains, “We chose GlobalWebIndex as it provides the attitudinal and behavioral data that we need to back up our ideas. We can then combine it with live social data, conversational data and website analytics. GWI has competition in this space, but it has a better UX and the platform is easier to use and is better at modeling personas than any others.”

“Being able to augment existing personas without having to pay for primary research is amazing.”

For Brilliant Noise, the ability to model personas is a key strength of the GWI platform. Nick observes, “We don’t have access to user panels and bespoke primary research when pitching or carrying out in-depth research, so we use PRO Platform to model personas and gather insights.”

This capability gives Brilliant Noise the quantitative proof behind their work and allows them to make the case for strategic and creative solutions for prospective clients. “We have used GlobalWebIndex in pitches, one recently for example where GWI acted as the proof point and core of the pitch. We also created and tested personas for this”, says Nick.

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Winning New Business with Data-Driven Solutions

The team at Brilliant Noise explain how they use GlobalWebIndex not only to pitch to existing clients,but simultaneously to win new business. Nick explains, “In at least two cases, GlobalWebIndex data made a big difference to us when winning new business.

In these cases, existing personas from the client were generally weak in terms of depth and robustness, but they had a good description of who the person was. We were able to model that person using the platform and gather more data on them which our clients love. Being able to augment existing personas without having to pay for primary research is amazing.”

“Data that points to a specific action or behavior is really useful as these are valuable insights for clients.”

“Device usage, marketing touchpoints, media consumption, brand discovery and all parts of the audience builder are pretty awesome to us too”, says David. “We really use it to understand client customer behaviors and needs. Data that points to specific actions or habits is really useful as these are valuable insights for clients.”

Nick agrees, stating that “When clients see something like ‘what drives you to share’ or ‘where do you find out about brands’ these point to a specific action or behavior.”

Excited about the GWI roadmap and future plans, Brilliant Noise highlight their enthusiasm to continue driving new insights with their capabilities and the proactive team. “I would definitely recommend GlobalWebIndex to other professionals, it is really powerful and easy to use”, says David.

“To be honest with you I don’t think there’s ever been an instance where we’ve thought GlobalWebIndex is going in the wrong direction.”

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