1 in 3 Euros viewers will watch coverage online

With the UEFA Euros coming up next month, this week’s final Chart explores how the development of online sports coverage will impact this major tournament.

Globally, it’s 4 in 10 online adults who say they watch the Euros on TV or online, placing it among the top 5 most popular sporting competitions tracked by GWI. As yet, TV remains the clear choice for this, with 3 in 4 tuning in this way. But there’s a not-insignificant 37% who say they will be watching some games or coverage online.

A glance at the regional figures shows that online viewing is subject to some notable variation. While just a fifth in the Euros home-region watch online coverage (where almost all will be watching on TV), figures approach the 50% mark in APAC – a clear reflection of the importance of online TV within the region. But it’s not just here that online viewing is commonplace; it’s also a key way of tuning in for North Americans (35%) and those in the Middle East and Africa (30%).

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