27% of Premier League Fans Watch ESPN Weekly

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Felim McGrath / March 12, 2015

Thursday’s blog continues our preview of GWI’s new Premier League Fans report – looking at the devices they use to watch sport channels ESPN and Eurosport (click here to get a free summary of the report).

Clearly, many Premier League Fans are turning to these two channels to get sporting fixes, both on TV and online. Overall, a quarter say they watch ESPN weekly and a fifth are accessing Eurosport.

Naturally, Eurosport preforms best in Europe, where a quarter are watching weekly; it does also have a significant audience in North America, though. Meanwhile, ESPN posts its best figures in North and Latin America, where about 50% of Premier League Fans are tuning in.

For online viewing, PCs/laptops remain the most important device. However, tablets make a strong showing – 1 in 8 Premier League Fans have watched ESPN or Eurosport coverage on a tablet at some point.