3 in 10 in the US are High/Heavy Users of Online TV

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Katie Young / February 02, 2017

Look at global TV consumption habits and linear TV might still rule the roost but, as we explore in Thursday’s Chart, there’s some pretty big variation across the world.

With arguably one of the best ranges of catch-up and OTT services available, North Americans are among the most likely to be classed as high or heavy users of online TV (those who watch over an hour daily). But it’s actually here that we see the greatest disparity between the two types: internet users in this region are still twice as likely to fit in the high/heavy segment for linear TV as online TV – a reflection of American consumers watching more TV each day than their counterparts in any other world region.

In APAC, meanwhile, it’s a different story. Digital consumers here are more likely to be classed as high/heavy users of online TV (31%) than broadcast (28%). In part, that’s being driven by VPNs which are helping audiences across the region access entertainment content from a variety of platforms.

3 in 10 in the US are High/Heavy Users of Online TVExplore this data in PRO PlatformDownload an explanation of GWI's media consumption segmentation