3 in 4 EMEA Starbucks Customers Use Instagram

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Chase Buckle / June 21, 2017

Last week, Starbucks sent a prospective request to several agencies in the UK to handle creative duties across EMEA. So, today we put a spotlight on regular Starbucks customers to see how best to engage this audience.

While traditional channels, like TV ads and brand websites, of course remain important to this group, investigating their digital lives exposes the importance of visually-centric social platforms here. This audience are 70% more likely to be using Instagram (74% do), for example, while a third say they are regularly watching brands’ videos.

It’s also close to 3 in 10 from this group who say they find out about new products from social media (putting them 40% ahead of the average here) and this is a group that contains a fair share of brand advocates – they are over twice as likely to be sharing branded posts on social media (14% are).

3 in 4 EMEA Starbucks Customers Use InstagramExplore data in PRO PlatformGet the Free GWI Social Q1 2017 Summary Report