4G users: most likely to be male, affluent and North American

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Jason Mander / February 06, 2015

For our final blog this week, we take a look at the global 4G audience – drawing on data from our brand new audience report (which can be downloaded here).

Globally, 18% of adults aged 16-64 say they use 4G on their mobile. Men and women post almost identical figures, whereas there’s a much stronger pattern in evidence for income – with the top quartile (24%) considerably ahead of the lowest one (15%).

By age, 25-34s are the leading group. Significantly, 16-24s trail the 35-44s and are only just ahead of 45-54s, indicating that the costs of 4G remain a barrier to entry.

By region, North America is top. However, South Korea is the leading country (46%) – a reflection of the latter’s stated ambition of becoming a dominant name in this area.