7 in 10 in APAC Using Shopping Apps

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Katie Young / September 06, 2016

To mark the launch of our brand new GWI Commerce report (download a free summary here), today we take stock of an important trend in online shopping: shopping apps.

Online commerce has become a truly mainstream activity across all of our 34 markets. Shopping apps have quickly made a significant impact here: engagement has seen strong and consistent increases (now at 55%), making them one of the fastest growing types of app tracked by GWI.

World regions differ considerably in their enthusiasm for using these apps, however. Driven by the growth and popularity of mobile, digital consumers in APAC are at the absolute forefront, with almost 7 in 10 regularly using shopping apps. This puts the region significantly ahead of others, but it’s still an impressive 40% across most other regions engaging with these apps, underlining their future growth potential.