A Quarter of Daily TV Viewing Now Done Online

As Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video prepare to launch in Japan, today we preview data from our new Digital vs. Traditional Media Consumption report (download a free summary here).

Linear TV remains the most important route for internet users looking for TV content, with the amount that people are watching having held steady over the last few years (with clear peaks among older age groups and in mature markets). Nevertheless, the role that online plays in the TV viewing habits of web users is growing steadily. Since 2012, the amount of daily time it captures each day has grown by 29% to hit 0.74 hours.

Overall, that means online TV now accounts for roughly 1 in every 4 minutes of viewing among digital consumers. But with the figure rising still higher among younger age groups and in fast-growth markets, it’s not hard to see why services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are looking to increase their coverage into more and more territories.

To get a free summary of our Digital vs Traditional Media report, click here. Alternatively, clients can access the full version here.