Device sharers most likely to interact with brands online

Our midweek post focuses on the behaviors of individuals who share their mobile and tablet devices with other users (one of the issues we explore inside the Missing Billion, our new white paper on audience measurement which can be downloaded for free here).

On average, it’s about 50% of internet users across GWI’s 32 countries who say that – within the last month – they’ve visited a branded website. Meanwhile, close to a third have “liked” a brand and nearly a quarter have watched a branded video. Significantly, though, all three of these behaviors are more common among Device Sharers – with tablet sharers over-indexing particularly strongly.

This brings significant consequences in terms of understanding who is interacting with branded content. With some users saying that they share their devices with as many as 3 or 4 other people – a trend which is most pronounced in fast-growth markets – we simply can’t assume that the person automatically logged into a device is always the same as the individual using it at any given moment. And, as mobile and tablet ownership levels continue to increase, this is problem which is bound to intensify still further.