Facebookers Listen to Online Radio/Music for 40 Minutes a Day

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / January 12, 2017

Just before Christmas, Facebook quietly announced the arrival of a new complement to its Live capabilities: Live Audio. And as today’s Chart of the Day highlights, there is real potential for this new feature to take off.

Online radio/music already forms an important part of Facebookers’ media portfolios. Each day, this group spend an average of 37 minutes listening to online forms of radio and music. Those in the Americas are the most enthusiastic – regions where figures hit the 45 minute-per day mark.

Giving users the chance to listen to radio, interviews and much more in the platform that the majority of online adults already visit on a daily basis is certain to be an attractive new development. The appeal to publishers is obvious too: it offers a new world of untapped users who may not otherwise engage with audio platforms elsewhere.

Facebookers Listen to Online Radio/Music for 40 Minutes a DayExplore data in PRO Platform Get the Free GWI Social Q4 2016 Summary Report