Hong Kong, Spain and Portugal top for tablet ownership

Continuing our preview of insights from our latest range of Market Reports (available to clients here), our final Chart of the Day looks at the countries where digital consumers are the most enthusiastic about tablets.

At a global level, tablets are close to reaching mainstream status, with 44% of internet users personally owning one. But leading the way here are consumers in Hong Kong, Spain and Portugal; in these three markets, close to 6 in 10 among the online population own a tablet.

That said, there are clear indications that tablet usage is declining globally and today’s chart gives another indication of the problems facing tablets. The majority of countries in our chart are more mature markets. In contrast, tablets tend to post lower figures in emerging markets, where smartphones reign supreme. That tablets have failed to capture the attention of the young, digitally-engaged consumers in many emerging markets is yet another sign that we may have hit peak tablet.