How to Reach Chinese Online Shoppers This Singles’ Day

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Katie Young / November 06, 2017

With Singles’ Day just around the corner, e-commerce giant Alibaba is once again hoping to beat the $18 billion in total sales seen at last year’s event. As brands begin building momentum around 11.11, today we outline how to influence online shoppers in the biggest e-commerce market.

As they have for many years now, smartphones will drive this year’s shopping frenzy. Not only are Chinese Online Shoppers 69% more likely than the global average to be shopping via their mobile, there’s also over a third who are researching products via mobile apps. In fact, mobile apps are a more important product research channel than the brand/product sites – with WeChat likely to have a big role to play here. A mobile-first strategy is a complete essential for engaging these consumers, then.

The key aspect of Singles’ Day – discounts and special deals – also matches with these digital consumers’ primary purchase drivers. Over half say free delivery encourages them to complete a purchase online, while discounts/coupons are the second most-important influence on purchase decisions.

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