Mobile-First vs Mobile-Heavy Users

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / July 29, 2016

Our final Chart this week continues our preview of GWI’s new segmentations, this time exploring two of our new Mobile audiences: Mobile-First and Mobile-Heavy users.

Our research shows that it’s over 40% of internet users who are Mobile-First, picking mobiles as their most important device and spending at least 30 minutes on these devices each day. Unsurprisingly, there are important regional variations at work here; APAC (51%) and the Middle East (50%) are at the absolute forefront, posting over double the figures of North America and Europe (where older populations remain much more wedded to PCs and laptops).

Among the 1 in 5 who are Mobile-Heavy users – that is, those who spend more than four hours a day online on mobile – the regional figures look slightly different: Latin America leads on 35%, with APAC now part of the chasing pack.

Predictably, age is much more of a constant: in all regions, the younger someone is, the more likely they are to feature in these two segments.

To download an explanation of GWI’s new mobile segmentation, click here.