Mobile is Top Device for Online Reviews

Chart of the day
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Chase Buckle / December 11, 2017

In line with online commerce activities shifting from PCs/laptops to mobiles, online reviewing has now transitioned into a mobile-first activity. But as today’s chart shows, PCs/laptops still remain important and there are also some crucial age-based trends to note.

It’s now 26% of digital consumers who are posting reviews via mobile, having surpassed PCs/laptops in the last quarter for this activity. The growing role of mobile for online reviewing has been driven by the more vocal and mobile-centric younger consumers.

Nevertheless, it’s these younger cohorts who are the least likely to use reviews in their purchasing considerations. In contrast, older consumers see more value in them, despite being less inclined to post reviews themselves. As such, younger users emerge as the disproportionately more powerful brand advocates with a stronger influence over the buying behaviors of consumers more broadly.