Next-Day Delivery Motivates 4 in 10 eBay Visitors to Buy

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Katie Young / March 27, 2017

Last week eBay rolled out its “Guaranteed Delivery” initiative, whereby US online shoppers will be offered assured three-day delivery on millions of products.

This is a move that makes absolute sense for eBay. Take a look at the top things that encourage eBay Visitors in the US to buy online and free delivery takes the top spot by some margin (70%). But rapid delivery is clearly an essential strategy for convincing consumers to hit the buy button too: close to 4 in 10 are motivated to buy by next-day delivery, with eBay visitors 21% ahead of the US average here.

Consumer demand for rapid and cheap delivery has set a new precedent in the e-commerce market and it’s essential that players like eBay respond to this to keep up with the competition.

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