On its 5th birthday, 63% in China actively using WeChat

Although it’s been around for just five years, WeChat has made a momentous impact on Chinese internet users and staked its claim to be the most innovative platform in the messaging app market. Along with LINE, WeChat has shown how chat apps can move beyond simple messaging services to become multi-faceted platforms that connect users with services, brands and new contacts.

Currently, close to two thirds of online adults in China are actively WeChatting – a trend which remains consistent across all the age groups (even among 55-64s, WeChat monthly usage is at 62%). In China, then, it’s clear that WeChat has become an integral part of the digital landscape.

The challenge for WeChat now is to achieve similar numbers in other markets. Although it has a strong presence in other APAC countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and India, it’s yet to reach the type of near-universal ubiquity enjoyed by names like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.