Top Purchasing Devices among Online Grocery Shoppers

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Olivia Valentine / January 02, 2018

Today we begin a series exploring the audience of Online Grocery Buyers (internet users who say they have main or joint responsibility for the household food shopping and have purchased at least one grocery product online in the past six months).

When buying any kind of product online, it’s almost 7 in 10 Online Grocery Buyers who have done so via mobile in the last month – highlighting the importance of optimization towards a seamless mobile experience.

But there is some significant regional variation to consider. The trend of mobile commerce among these grocery consumers is most pronounced in APAC; at least in part, this is a result of the success of home-grown merchants in revolutionizing retail for mobile, as well as their focus on innovative strategies and investment in online grocery services (such as Alibaba’s planned $200m investment in India’s online supermarket BigBasket).

In Europe and North America, however, PC/laptops have an impressive lead as the primary device in online commerce – reflecting the position these devices maintain in mature markets, but also the demand for multi-device strategies by the leaders of the grocery industry.