PSD2: Online Bankers in EU Worried About Personal Data

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Chris Beer / January 09, 2018

Continuing our series of charts on PSD2, the EU’s new Payment Services Directive, today we look at how internet users in the EU who use online banking currently feel about sharing their data with companies.

For companies looking to benefit from access to previously withheld data, it’s encouraging that younger internet users, who represent the online banking audience of the future, are less likely to be worried about how companies use their data. But even among 16-24s, an EU Banker is more likely to be worried about data than not. It’s a worry which this group has taken measures against as well – 53% of them have deleted cookies in the past month, and a third have used a private browsing window.

PSD2 presents a great opportunity for an array of non-banking companies to leverage financial data in new products and services. But as today’s chart shows, those companies will need to be active in assuring internet users that they can be trusted with it.