Reebok Buyers 40% More Likely to be Interested in Fashion

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Katie Young / March 02, 2017

From Adidas and Under Armour unveiling their collections at New York Fashion Week, to Nike’s ‘lifestyle’ active wear, the fast-growing ‘athleisure’ market shows no signs of stopping.

Todays’ Chart highlights why it makes absolute sense for the leading sports brands to capitalize on this trend. Compare levels of interest in fitness and fashion among the buyers of the biggest sports brands and it’s unsurprising that health and fitness scores strongly (with around half of all buyers identifying this as a firm interest).

But it’s perhaps the over-indexes that are the most striking here. Reebok, Nike and Adidas Buyers all over-index more strongly for fashion and style than they do for health and fitness. Focus on Reebok Buyers, for instance, and they are 41% more likely than average to say fashion is a strong interest, showing just why the ‘athleisure’ market is so important for these brands.

Reebok Buyers 40% More Likely to be Interested in FashionExplore data in PRO Platform
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