Rise of Smart Entertainment Devices in the U.S.A.

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Olivia Valentine / February 06, 2018

With the biggest technology giants continuing to enter the booming smart home space, the competition to become the default household name is getting fiercer. To begin this week’s series on Smart Home Products, today’s chart explores how consumer interest in smart product categories differs in the U.S.A.

Entertainment is arguably the most established stream of smart products to date. These devices (such as wireless speakers or smart TVs) emerge as the most desired here, with a 23%-point lead. Almost 6 in 10 say they currently use a device of this type or are planning to purchase one in the future.

Voice-controlled smart assistants like the Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod, whose parent companies are all based in this marketplace, place second with a figure close to 4 in 10. And despite the other categories gathering less enthusiasm, they still achieve relatively decent figures of around 1 in 3 – indicating that the smart sphere generally is attracting interest, but certain product types are yet to make their impact.