The Potential for Major League Soccer’s Deal with Facebook

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Katie Young / March 22, 2017

As the world of social media and sports come ever-closer together, Facebook has scored a big deal that allows it to stream live Major League Soccer matches on the platform.

As our midweek Chart shows, such a deal could bring clear benefits to both parties. For the MLS, this agreement will be responding to the viewing behaviors of its audience: a significant 3 in 4 MLS Fans already turn to the web to watch sports coverage or highlights. What’s more, with the vast majority of fans visiting/using Facebook each month (87%), the MLS will face a huge potential audience by streaming on this platform.

In turn, Facebook could attract some of the online sports viewers who aren’t currently Facebookers (10% don’t currently visit/use the platform each month), helping it to grow further in a market where it is reaching its saturation point.

The Potential for Major League Soccer's Deal with FacebookExplore data in PRO Platform
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