25-34s Most Likely to Pay for TV/Film Streaming Services

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Chase Buckle / December 18, 2017

To kick off our series this week previewing our latest Entertainment report (download a free copy here), today’s chart looks at how likely internet users are to be paying for movie/TV streaming services like Netflix.

Similar to the case of music streaming engagement, there are substantially more internet users making use of mobile/TV streaming services than there are paying for them. But whereas 16-24s are the most likely to pay for music streaming content, 25-34s are the most likely to be paying for video subscription services.

As we outline in the new report, account sharing remains high across all age groups of five major Western SVOD services’ users, although it does peak slightly with older users. Relationship status also plays a role here – consumers who are in a relationship or married, and those with children above the age of 17, are the most likely to be sharing accounts.