WhatsApp ahead of Facebook for usage frequency

Although Facebook continues to reign over the social media landscape, our midweek chart shows that, among its four services, it’s now WhatsApp which users are turning to the most frequently of all.

On Facebook itself, 3 in 4 users report logging in at least daily. That puts it notably ahead of Facebook’s other fully-fledged social network Instagram, where only about half are doing this. But what’s most striking is the engagement levels seen for WhatsApp; some 8 in 10 WhatsAppers report using the messaging service at least once a day, giving it an edge over Facebook and a clear lead over Messenger and Instagram.

That users are connecting so frequently is testament to how ingrained these services have become within the daily lives of their users, and also reflects the ongoing migration of social networking behaviors to mobile platforms – where users are checking in multiple times a day, albeit for relatively short periods of time.

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