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Ad-Blocking Millennials Happy to Pay for Content

As we have seen throughout our chart series on ad-blocking this week, ad-blocker usage is primarily driven by frustration with mistargeted and excessive online ads. Although digital marketers may find it more difficult to engage ad-blocker users, today’s chart emphasizes that this is a valuabl...

4 Examples of CPG Marketing that Prove the Power of Insight

According to a recent study by Cadent Consulting Group, CPG marketers now spend more on digital than all other forms of traditional advertising combined. Despite this, only 60% of the surveyed retailers think digital advertising actually works for brands. But with the vast amount of reliable c...

Ad-Blocking and Online News Readers

Continuing our series on ad-blocking, today we put a spotlight on an audience of online news readers, to assess the challenge to news publishers. The news industry’s dependence on advertising income faces a strong test from ad-blocking tools. Millennial online news readers are most likely to u...